Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day!  What a day it turned out to be!  Thanks to Erin's help the day before, I was able to easily complete my assignment of making the mashed potatoes.  Erin had come over and helped peel and slice the little fellows.  Grandma helped also, once her piano lessons were finished.  

We covered them with water and stored them on the deck for cooking and mashing in the morning.  Bev got up early and began cooking the turkey and pumpkin pie. 

We then loaded our goods and made our way to Springville, where Sam and his faithful dog Shadow greeted us as we pulled into the driveway.  Shadow, an Australian Sheep Dog, was particularly interested - obviously he could smell the turkey, ha-ha.  Honestly, when I opened the car door to get out, he wanted to smell every part of me, even my breath.  Sam pulled him away, and I was able to exit the car.  I moved quickly to open the trunk and gave the turkey to Sammy with instructions to take it into the house.  Shadow finally left me alone and followed Sammy and the bird to the front door, leaving me alone.

After greeting the boys in the great room, I made my way into the home teaching room (music room) only to find Sherry and Bev visiting.  I was not kicked out, so I sat down.  Soon Mike and his family arrived, so the following pics are of those who had presence in that particular room.  







Rachel & Julie


Now this concludes the events leading up to and including our Springville Thanksgiving Day arrival.  

Within the next few days I will continue with a brief description of the exciting program, and then in a third posting, I will end up with an account of the actual feasting.  So be sure to check back.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Something to do

This Friday we were looking for something to do, and we ended up risking our lives driving through the I-15 construction zone on the Point of the Mountain.  Nevertheless, we arrived safely in Provo, and the adventure was made enjoyable by Rachel, who suggested that we play 20 questions during our drive. 

We picked up Julie and made our way to the De Jong Concert Hall in the HFAC.  After dropping off Grandma Zucc at the front entrance, I found a great parking spot in the main parking lot. 

Rachel & Julie at the intermission

The occasion was a concert by the American Piano Quartet.  

Julie & myself
 I enjoyed Three Hungarian Dances by Brahms.  I remember playing number 5 on my violin as a teenager.  That was a long time ago, for sure; but I was pretty good, I think!  

Me & Rachel

Rachel's favorite piece was Petite Suite, composed by Debussy, and I know why.  She likes the smooth melodic structure of the whole tone scale.  Debussy also uses a lot of 9th chord structure, which produces a rich feeling to his music.

Me, Julie & Rachel

Julie said she liked them all - she is so diplomatic.  She ought to run for political office, because that is what politicians do - agree with everyone.

Grandma, Julie & Rachel

One thing for sure is that we all liked Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 by Franz Liszt.  The first half of the concerto is serious, but the last section is kind of a musicians "musical joke."  The dissonant runs make one wonder if the pianists have had a little to much cheer before the concert.  Ha.

No matter what we thought, all was made well as we enjoyed some ice cream treats at Mickey D's.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some more pics

Wow!  2015 is passing so quickly, and before I take this year's postings to press, I need to add some pics that may be interesting.

In January, Grandma hosted a great recital featuring her piano students.  You can tell by the following photo where it was held.    

Katie, John, Brandon, Rachel, Erin, Naomi, Ben, and Bev.
Henry, Natalie, Matthew, Matt, Luke, Eli, and Jenna.  

Last New Year's Eve was a fun occasion.  We invited my son and his family over for games, and I think we wore them out playing Pit (the stock trading game).  Or maybe it was just after midnight.

Obviously the party is over!

Mike and Katie show some life; but obviously, with blanket in hand, Jenna is ready to call it quits

During a summer visit, we took the Anderson family to dinner at one of our favorite Latino restaurants - Los Garcia.  Dayle, a connoisseur of Mexican food seemed to enjoy the feast.   

In a previous posting, Jeff with eyeball glasses was featured in a frontal view.  I couldn't pass up this great side view pic.

Matthew McKea entertained all of us with his first year tackle football tactics.  He played for Jordan Little League, and his team had a successful season, making it to the semi-finals.  You can tell by the following pics how seriously these kids take the game.  

Coach give the team a pep talk

Believe me!  There is no monkey business in this league.  

A favorite thing to do is play games on the master bed.  This is also a good place to play backgammon.

Matty & Jenna

Monday, October 19, 2015

In the springtime

Okay, this posting features some cool pics from different activities.  I will do my best to give an accurate description of each one. 

In the springtime of 2015, I accompanied Mike's Boy Scout to Topaz Mountain.  Being a qualified geology merit badge counselor, I was asked oversee this particular area of the trip.  The troop consisted of only four boys on this trip, but two others were not able to go because of family vacations.  


On the way to Topaz Mountain, we stopped at Drum Mountain.  It is called this because some say that if you are really quiet, you can actually hear deep, beating sounds coming from underneath the terrain that sounds like Indian drums.   

Well, I listened for this audio phenomenon, but I was unable to hear anything of the like.  But, we did find a great agate location, and collected some great samples.  One of the boys found a rock horny toad, and we all got to hold it before turning it loose.  

Horny toad.

A volcanic extrusion on Drum Mountain.

What does one do at Topaz Mountain?  Well, of course, collect Topaz, but this requires a lot of bending over.  Mike's posterior makes a good target for either a passing horse fly, an upset mule, or a swift boot kick.  

You may notice that the group is facing uphill.  The angle of the sun reflecting off the crystals determines the direction one faces.  Our group collected exclusively using this method.  In the upper right hand corner of this photo is a pit of worked rock.  Many people have use hand tools to try to recover the crystals, but splitting rocks is not my forte.  

During the camp, each scout took his turn at specified duties.  Mike, of course, made sure that things were done properly.  How do you prepare a "smash" burger?  Mike knows how, and his instructions for cooking are "low and slow."

A lonely dirt road winds its way to Topaz Valley.  The outcropping in the foreground is lava.  The background cliffs are composed of rhyolite.  On previous trips we have camped right up in the valley bowl, but because we were pulling the scout trailer, we camped in this spot.  

Years ago nice topazes about the size of the tip of a little finger could be found readily in the dry washes and on the hill sides, but now-a-days you have to be lucky to find them anywhere.  The place is really becoming picked over.  The scouts hiked up to the top of the ridges, and reported that crystals were plentiful, but that kind of climbing was to much for me.

In the springtime, Rachel performed in the violin section with her orchestra.  Her parents presented her with a beautiful bouquet after the concert.  

Mike, Rachel and Katie

Also last spring, Sam was advanced to the office of Teacher in his church men's organization.  This office is for males between the ages of 14 and 16.  

Sam and Jeff

Grandpa and Sam

Is this a bad camera angle or are we all leaning to the right?

Also in the springtime, at Dayle's graduadation, we got to see his mustang.  I nicknamed it the Green Hornet.  No wonder he was so popular in High School!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An eyeopener

On a beautiful summer Sunday morning, we found ourselves in a Farmington church awaiting the baby blessing of Forrest Belton.  Steven the father had invited me to stand in the circle.  As that group of men held the baby in their hands, I felt humbly grateful to be there touching one that had so recently been in God's presence.   

 After the service, a nice luncheon was held for both family and friends at the home of Steve and Kayla.   

Vanessa & Forrest

I know I'm getting older, but to think that Carla and Brent are now grandparents is really an eyeopener to me.  But, I guess time moves on quickly, and I realize that in a few years, I could be a great grandparent.  

Carla & Brent

I was so impressed with the maturity of the Noakes kids.  Many years ago when they lived in American Fork, they were still little.  Kayla was still in junior high and she was the oldest.  Garrett was really a fun little boy, and look at him now - out of high school and finding his way in life.  

Garrett showing off his fancy suspenders. 

In the Church foyer, Kayla proudly shows off her son, while Steven signs the official Blessing Certificate.

Bev loved bonding with Forrest.  Even though he won't remember any of it, she will.


Forrest, Carla and Brent

I suppose the two finger extension could be called the Noakes gang sign., and you gotta love the shades.

Shades were the fun thing of the day.  Even Steven's mother was talked into wearing one of them.

Melody  & Forrest
"Us men love our shades."

With them on.

With them off.