Saturday, August 1, 2015

Travels with Julie

Traveling is always an adventure, but even more-so when an enthusiastic 21 year old is with you.  Bev and I found this out soon after we left Olympia. 
But before I get to that, I must confess that I will miss all the green on the west side of the Cascades.  Of special interest to me was the smoke bush in front of Tam's home.  Then Bev informed me that a couple of these bushes are in our own neighborhood; so soon after our arrival home, I checked it out and sure enough, she was right.
Nevertheless, I am still posting this photo of the "smoke bush," just because I like it.
Now, it is important to realize that Julie is an RM.  Even though she looks dangerous holding this real samurai sword, she really has a kind heart. 

I love pics of women holding guns - they look so mischievous, don't you agree?  Uncle Gordon was kind enough to let us take some photos of his weapons. 

This is an original oil painting.  There was no signature on it, so we don't know who the artist was, but I have a strong suspicion it was painted by either Jean Foster or her mother, Lucy Kenny.  Both of them were extremely talented.  My mother displayed this painting her wall.   

Look at the detail of the rose pedals. This is amazing. 

Sable is a direct descendant of my cousin Jean and her mother Lucy; so I thought it only right to give the painting to her.  It may be worth something; but if not, that's okay, for it is a part of her legacy.   

Julie was nothing but smiles, as she got to help with the driving.  I noticed that she had two hands on the steering wheel at all times as she moved us along at 80 mph through southern Idaho and northern Utah.  Remember when the speed limit was only 55?   

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thanks, Fred C. Adams, for the fun times!

Okay folks.  Here is my take on inevitable removal of The Adams Shakespearean Theater from planet earth.  I can only assume that Fred C. Adams has given his blessing to the newer/bigger facility that is now under construction just across the street to the east.  The new place will still offer the "under the stars" experience; however it will have a retractable roof that may be used in case of cold, wet weather.  

You may know that Cedar City is 7,000 above sea level.  Winter comes early and lasts a long time.  Audiences will be thrilled when that first snow falls and the mighty roof closes.  Anyway, this feature alone will enable a longer Shakespearean season, thus bringing increased revenue to both town and university.  

I was sad to learn that the name of Fred Adams would not be on the new arena, as he was the one conceived the idea of a festival decades ago.  Even today, he is the life and soul of the event.

The new building is to be called the Engelstad Theater, since the Engelstad Foundation of Las Vegas contributed 5 million dollars to the project - a very noble donation, for sure. 

There are a lot of photos of this old theater on the internet, but here are some of my own.  

I will miss the roomy seats on the main floor.  They were more costly, but to a person of my size, they were heaven sent.  I hope the architects of the Engelstad Theater designed roomy seating.  I will miss the stationary stage.  The directors had to be creative in their staging techniques.  The new theater will probably have new state-of-the-art props, including movable walls, thus allowing for even greater creativity.

I will miss the quaint balcony with the hanging lanterns, but I will not miss the rickety stairways leading up to it.  I will not miss the poorer sound up yonder - unless the performers really projected their voices, their words were not understood.   Yeah, I get it - the original Shakespearean performers didn't have amplification, but I hope the new area will have a good sound system.

Did I say that I will miss the hanging lights?  Yeah, I did.  Well I will not miss the long walk to the restroom at intermission time. 

So farewell to the grand ol' outdoor theater, and welcome to new.  It could be that I will enjoy the festival for many years to come, and it could be that I will even overcome my apprehension about the coming changes, but I will always remember the good times and great entertainment I experienced in the Adams theater.  Thanks, Fred C. Adams, for the fun times!

Monday, July 27, 2015

A delightful weekend excursion



Six friends once again gathered for dinner and games.  Though parted by distance, the bond remains tight as evidenced by smiles and laughter throughout the evening.  This gathering was the catalyst for a delightful weekend excursion.

Debbie was the "grand champion" as she won both Greed and also Five Crowns.

The number 3 was the curse of the evening, while doubles were really hard to come by for everyone.

At our rest stop in Fillmore, Mike bought some potato wedges.  I think this is his favorite stop on I-15. 

One sad note is that Bev's favorite rest stop, the creamery in Beaver, was closed.  Now, I don't want to lead anyone astray, as we were all disappointed.     
We stayed at this place in Cedar City.  We were happy with the buffet breakfast - definitely a reason to consider coming back.  We also enjoyed the roominess of facility. 

As always, the Green Show, is a highlight of the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.  FYI, it is called thusly because the patrons sit on grass in the midst of large cedar trees.  Bev and I were fortunate to find a little bench to sit on, which we turned around to face the little stage.   

Performers dance around the maypole, as the little girl steadies it.  Notice the evergreens in the background. 

The dancers presented a 'tour of Italy' for us, and we were delighted with their energetic performance.  Now,for a few photos of the Green Show performance:

An excellent violist, for sure.

Happy dancers.

An appreciative audience.


FYI - the little girl never gets wound up with the stringers.

At the end of the Green Show, the student performers gather on the ramp of the Adams theater, a horn is sounded and the crowd begins to enter the main arena.  In my next posting, I will offer my perspective as to the coming demolition of this delightful outdoor theater.  I promise my review will be positive, so be sure to check back in a few days.   








Monday, January 19, 2015

Positioned perfectly

She is only beginning, but if you will notice her left wrist is positioned perfectly on the instrument.  This will allow her left hand to freely move up and down the fingerboard as she learns how to shift from the 1st position into the 3rd position.

To view video, click on the following:

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Matt scores and other pics

Oh yeah!  Matt is doing well in basketball this winter.  Be sure to watch the following short clip.  Really I ought to save this one for his college recruiting video. 

To watch the action, click on the following link:

Matt celebrates with an NBA effort.

At the family Christmas party, everyone was so excited to play the chimes under the direction of Annie Palmer.  Even the teens, especially one, got into the action as you can see. 

Anna & Ally

Rachel & Mikey

Matt & Mason


Holly & Ethan

Katie's favorite gift - a megaphone for a super girl. 

My next posting will feature video shorts of some the action at the Christmas Eve family breakfast gathering.  Everyone is supposed to wear pajamas with the idea that after the evening program, we all go to bed early so that we can all arise early to see what Santa delivered.  It didn't work out that way.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Few Good Pics!

Forgive me Katie for plagiarizing your pics, but they were so good I couldn't help myself.   
The football experience is a big deal in this part of the country.

Matty is learning early what female adoration is all about. 

Katie decides to pick the remaining tomatoes in our garden.  Not even rain can stop her.   In all, she got about 50 quarts from our patch.  

Jenna got left holding the bag.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Matt turns 8

Sunday night 

Matt turns 8 years old!

Uncle Dan & Aunt Annie + family are delighted as Matty opens a multi, multi multi-layered present from them.  

Rachel proudly played her first solo, "Happy Birthday to You."  We all joined in with bellowing voices.  

Jenna made the cake.

A BYU tee makes the party complete.

Everybody there had a great time.  Joke telling, laughing, singing, and Grandpa Rumblebum playing on the floor with Mister T!  Yes we had it all, and we will remember this happy occasion.