Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nick and Jason took stage center

It was an evening for a lot of smiles as Nick and Jason took stage center for their induction into the order of Eagle Scout.

Cupcakes forming an American flag adorned the refreshment table.  I see 20 stars.  Are there not 50 states in the Union?

Oh yeah; but for the purpose of decoration this flag has only 20.  For the sake of curiosity though, I found that Mississippi was the 20th state admitted to the Union, December 10, 1817.  Interesting, huh?

Somehow Rachel always seems to find her way to the forefront of any gathering. Ha ha.  I think she takes after her grandmother, don't you?

Matt seems a little shy in this picture, but believe me, he is not.

Erin, Mike, Jenna & Katie wait anxiously for the court to convene.

Nick is all smiles, and deservedly so.  Greg, our college student earned his Eagle badge just last year.

Greg has the honor to be the first of my offspring to sit in the eagles nest.  This is a first in the history of my family.  I am so proud of him.  Neither myself nor his father will ever have this privilege because we didn't earn the right.

Jason knows how to set a good example, and Matt is really "eating it up."

One thing that really impressed me was the number of peers that were supporting Nick and Jason.  This photo show only a few in attendance.

Nick and Jason

Norm, Sharron, myself and Beverly are the proud grandparents. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

For Erin this day was special

It is not every day a person becomes a teenager, but for Erin this day was special.  It was noon by the time I saw her, which meant her day was already half over,  but we did have lunch together at Cafe Rio.  How she was able to finish that whole burrito, I will never know; but then again does a 72 year old ever know what the younger generation is capable of doing? 

Let me answer that before going on.  Probably not! 
Me (72) & Erin (13) later that evening.

After she finished eating, her mother rushed her back to the middle school, and I understand that the kids in her choir class sang "happy birthday" to her.

Jim eyes Erin's presents.

The party was a duel birthday celebration.  The other person honored was Sydney Palmer.  She is one year old now.  At the end of this posting is footage of Mike charming her.  You have got to click on the link.  I promise you that if you do, all of your worldly concerns will be forgotten, and that joy will also fill your heart for a couple of minutes.   

Even teens like cereal.  

I actually thought of trying to break my tradition of giving a box of cereal to the grand-kids for birthdays, but alas as I walked by the Lucky Charms display, I gave in.  After all, St. Pats day is almost here, right? 

I had to give her a little book on God's word for Teens.  She likes to read, and this book gives short, concise biblical advice to young people, on a variety of moral issues.    

Okay!  Here is the you-tube link.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You will be impressed!

Piano recital a success!  All Bev's students played seemed well prepared and all played well.  Notice that all the girls have smiles, while the boys seem more serious.

As an encore, Erin and Bev played "What Child is This?"  They also played the same piece in a church service in December.

For those of you who missed the youtube video of Ben's performance, please click on the following link.  You will be impressed!

An upcoming star!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Matty has great possibilities.

Junior Jazz basketball now has a new star.  His name is Matthew McKea, and 40 is the number on his shirt.  At the game last Tuesday, he showed how much hustle it takes to help his team win.  On the offensive side of the court, he showed how he could shoot, making at least 4 baskets. 

Defensively he pulled in rebound after rebound, often dribbling the entire length of the court to attempt a score.  When the ball was not in his hands, he was able to keep his man under control.  Both his Father and I noticed how aggressive he played and we both agreed that Matty has great possibilities for future stardom. 

During one of the breaks, Matthew happily posed with us.  

Matty poses with his beautiful sister, Jenna.

Rachel was also at the game.  I think she is looking at the scoreboard.

Before the game the team receives instructions from the coach.

After the game a beautiful 11 year old consented to pose with a proud grandpa.

Be sure to see Matty in action on the following YouTube link:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Carol of the Bells

Just in case you missed Erin's "Carol of the Bells" video I placed on Facebook, please click the following link:


Friday, December 20, 2013

Elf luck!

If it weren't for the red and green colors you may have think that I joined the Masons.  My reasoning for wearing the elf hat was threefold:

1)  Our church pulled together an orchestra to play at the x-mas party, and I wore it to divert attention from all the bad notes I was producing.

2)  I decided having a little fun was not all that bad.

3)  Jewish men ware skull caps for more noble reasons, but I found out that the elf hat really kept the birds nest on my head warm.  (I can't wait to read your comments)

What the heck.  It only cost a dollar as did the Santa hanging from the music stand.  The little orchestra was composed of a dozen or so brave soles, aged all the way from beginning kids to advanced musicians (old duffers) like myself.  

John and Debbie were our guitar players and they represent the younger adults, along with the flutist sitting behind me.   

The only other violin player was Lisa, sitting to my left.  I'm glad Grandma Zucc didn't take her picture, as she is much more beautiful than moi.  I promised her that if we were to ever play again (fat chance,) that she could sit in 'first chair.'

Ann Gold was our conductor, and did a mighty fine job.

Now I will attempt to turn your attention to the little helpers that assisted Grandma and me in decorating our tree.  Notice the elf hat Erin is Wearing?  Yes, it is the same one that I wore.  I gave it to her with a promise that if she wore it the rest of the day she would have elf luck.  She agreed, but when I went over to their house later in the day, she answered the door without the hat.  So ........................   

Jenna's first assignment was to cut the wrapping from the candy canes, then to hang them on the tree.  When kids come to our house they can pick one from the tree, and this is always a delight.  

Erin really was excited when the tree was finished.  Only the angel needed to be put on the top.  Gads, you would have thought she had seen one the way her arms are outstretched in a "hallelujah wave."  

Even Mike got into the act.  He is trying to explain something, for sure.

Happy and proud helpers. 

Rachel poses at Erin's choral concert.

Titan & Jenna smile for the camera.  They are cousins so why not?


Friday, December 6, 2013



Click on Juggling above if you want to see Brendan in action.