Friday, February 5, 2016

One cool dude!

One cool dude! 

Following a tour of the Provo City Center Temple, we had the great pleasure of dinning with the Noorda family at 'The Brick Oven.'  Jason decided to try out the barbers chair located in the lobby.  Hoping to find his missionary call letter in the mail box, we then drove to Springville; but alas, the mailman had come and gone, and no letter was delivered.  

Speaking of hair, Jenna has a pretty good hold of Matt's.  I'll bet his behavior quickly improved soon after she let go, or maybe he just got mad at her.

Dad and Goldilocks!  What a pair!  

I think Julie must be the queen of the cell phone.  Obviously Rachel doesn't mind her instruction, or the attention given.

Is she watching a scary movie?
The following day I attended Matt's basketball game.  No kidding!  When he is on the floor, things happen!

Matt & Jake

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jason to serve in Frankfurt, Germany!

Jason to serve in Frankfurt, Germany!

Grandma and I were the first to enter the house, and we were warmly greeted by his mother, Sherry.  Jeff was setting up Skype for the event.  A special spirit of excitement was present as I made my way into the dinning area where laid out, on the table, was a large map of the world.  Post-it tags, with predictions on them, were on the map.  The winner would received a large candy bar.  One of my predictions was Austria which came in second place, but I got the candy as the 1st place winner was not present.

Julie was especially excited as she recently returned from serving in the Washington D.C. South mission.  By 8:30 PM the great area of the home was filled with friends and family, and Jason was seated in front of the television.  After a few short words of welcome, he began to open the larger envelope.  All was silent as he read from the letter, but all I can remember were the words, "you are hereby called to serve in the Frankfurt Germany Mission."

This was quite a day in the life of a happy young man.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Christmas Season

Our Christmas Season

The Holidays this year were gladly celebrated by us through music.  Grandma spent many hours at two different churches teaching the "ends and outs" of organ performance to five of her piano students.    

At age 11, Rachel was the youngest of the group.  Her confidence was exceptional, as was her smile.

Jenna played with conviction.  This was her second year of organ instruction.  I enjoyed her selection of organ stops.

Grandma accompanied all of the kids during their church performances.  I like the way each student musically communicated with her.  

Erin played almost perfectly for her duet with Grandma.  This is her 2nd year playing for the church Christmas program.

Ben's performance was outstanding.  I noticed heads bobbing and smiles on the faces of the congregation, as they enjoyed "Joy to the World."  I like the way he inserted the chime stop into certain parts of the music.

Setting up the holiday decorations at our home was fun this year, as the grand-kids helped.  The following pics show some of the activity.



Mike & Erin

Jenna & Matty

Grandma was in charge of handing out the tree ornaments etc.  Each person gladly hung the decorations in the proper places, making sure everything was perfect; after all "you better watch out, you better not cry," I'm sure, was echoing in their minds.




After Christmas, on Monday the 28th, Bev held her annual student recital at Riverton Music.  16 kids were present.  Erin had to stay home because of illness.


I couldn't resist taking this hair shot of Jenna.  So far this year, she has had her hair in 3 different styles - the bun, soft curly locks, and straight.

Rachel played so well.  I don't know what to call her hair style.

Grandma and Matted played a fun duet that required a "Chinese fire drill" movement.

Grandma's 2015 students

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Superb Celebration!

The actual feasting took place in unnerving silence, but this phenomenon only lasted a few moments.

So, in relative silence we ate, each person savoring each spoonful of whatever. 

Julie was thrilled to finally be seated at the adult table, after all these years. 

Grandma showed us by example the art of finesse on this Thanksgiving Day.  Notice the calculated lift of the little finger.  Haha.   

Afterwards, most of us relapsed into quiet mode, while all the food settled in our tummies.  It seems like Jeff, Mike, and Greg used the floor for naps, and others watched the game on TV.  I was able to take the photo below before I eased off into la-la land. 

But wait, the feast was not over, for we had to have desert before we departed to our homes.  The ladies divided the leftovers into generous amounts, and soon we were on our way home.  Just out of Springville, I pulled the Camry off the road and into a school bus yard.  There I caught this glorious sunset on camera.  What a pleasing way to end a superb celebration! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Family fun

Thanksgiving Day is a time for family fun, which almost always happens before dinner when anticipation of a great meal is running wild.  Three turkeys were brought in for the feast, each having it's own particular flavor.  One was a traditional roasted bird, and another was soaked overnight in brine, and the third was smoked.  Good aromas can make one smile almost as much as good humor, which was being cast about with ease. 

Greg must have told a "a good one," because the two girls are "in stitches."  

Erin, Julie & Greg

Rachel even got her "two bits" in.  Both she and Jenna had come with their hair in big curly locks. 

She wasn't the star of the show, but she came close to owning this honor.  Here she shows off her cooking skills, and guess what?  She is only 11.   

Erin gets a  whiff   of the stuffing.

Pre-eating snitching is allowed.

In a rare moment of solitude, Erin got some quality time on her cell phone. 

Superman had his eye on his turkey.  I think he wanted to make sure it would not fly away.

Just in case, he decided to poke it a little, just to make sure.

More snitching!  "Go ahead Jenna, but be sure to lick your fingers after you do your snitching!"

Everything looks so good.

In addition to all the good food that had been provided, Sherry and Jeff had arraigned for a program.  Grandma and I were asked to talk a bit about thanksgiving.  I started by giving a little test, after which I gave some scanty information on what the first thanksgiving may have been like.  I also informed everyone that I had received information from Family Search that we had an original Pilgrim in our family tree - John Alden, who courted and married Pricilla Mullins.

Grandma spoke about the spiritual meaning of Thanksgiving, indicating that we all needed to be grateful to the Lord in all things.

After we finished, Jeff led us in what has become a Thanksgiving Day tradition - that of singing a rousing rendition of the Trepak from the Nutcracker.   

Next blog, I will show some scenes of the actual feasting.