Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9-11. 3000 flags displayed.

9-11 happened to fall on Sunday this year.  So after dinner we decided that an appropriate Sabbath Day activity would be to wonder among the flags on display on the Sandy City mall.  Each year the city displays 3000 flags, each with a name of an innocent victim of terrorism attached to it.  The event is called Healing Field.

Jenna & Erin


Jenna & Matt

We were delighted to discover that a program was being held.  On center stage was the Salt Lake City Mass choir, which thrilled us with jubilant sacred music.  The leader was excellent in his craft, and it wasn't long before a nice crowd came forward to celebrate Jesus by dancing.  

Alex Boye was instrumental in getting the predominately white crowd to participate.  After the first number, he came forward and announced that he was a Mormon, and that it was okay for everyone to join in the fun.

Alex Boye

After the singing and dancing, Sterling Poulson, newsman and choral conductor, gave a serious presentation about the 9-11 tragedy.  

It all ended with a gun salute.  I just got lucky when I snapped the following photo.  

Real fire coming from the barrel.  

In a moment of silence for the victims, Sterling asked us to appreciate the beauty of nature, and fortunately the Lord provided a beautiful sunset for us.

Sunset as viewed from the grassy Sandy mall.


Thursday, August 18, 2016


No, No!  She hasn't really changed her allegiance to the U of U.  

Since my last blog posting, Sherry has obtained a new RAV4.  She is obviously very proud as she is color-coded with it.   

The new Sandy Hale Theater is finally taking shape.  I is a lot taller than I thought it would be.

The Draper Temple as seen through a zoom shot over Sandy Hall.

Quail are still hanging around my yard.  



The zoom feature of my new camera works great!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A no-brainer

We traveled from Sandy to Brigham City.  The temple was beautiful both inside and out.  It was really cool to have well trained workers happy to have us there, and we thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality.  

Charley and Sidney on a yurt deck.

We wanted to eat a late lunch at Maddox, but we were unwilling to wait an hour for a table to clear; so we made our way to Logan and ended up at Texas Roadhouse.  Grandma Zucc had a coupon for a free appetizer, so eating here was a no-brainer.

Sidney was a laugh-a-minute.

Grandma wanted an ice cream cone, so we ended up at Gossner's Cheese Factory.

Annie works a puzzle while Anna checks her sunburn.

Oops!  The other shoulder is sunburned also.

Mike had invited us to visit his family and the in-laws at the east canyon yurts - so we popped in on them.  We also got the grand yurt tour.






Shawn & Dan

Allie & Sidney

We spend a wonderful day celebrating our 49th anniversary traveling, visiting & eating.  A great day indeed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!

We gathered at Sherry's home in Springville.  We ate shisha kababs cooked by Jeff over the flames of an outdoor grill.  We ate more cookies, cake & candy than any of us really wanted.  

Sherry & son Greg.

Time to start the feast.

All is smiles around the food bar.

All is smiles with Destyni - UVU student, novelist, and friend.

Joe, Andy & Destyni share a friendly moment.

Jason & Nick

Does Matt have to go number 1?

Mike & Bells

Eyes down

The sun must have been really bright.

Greg shows Grandma his new car.

She is brave enough to go for a ride.

Dinner must be over.

Katie knows where the camera is.

Matt knows where the deserts are.

Okay.  Not related to Mother's Day, was grandma's piano recital.  It was held in our living room, and was a success.  Each student played his/her best.  I was impressed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More than anxious!

Last month Tammy and Brendan made a quick visit to our home, and I was sure glad they did.  It was good to have such a muscular and handsome young man volunteer to do the spring garden tilling.  

Of course, Tammy was more than anxious to "go to work," so I turned her loose on the flower bed behind the garage.  She got that all weeded then planted a row of sedum that she brought from Washington.  Not knowing what sedum looks like at maturity, I Googled them, and guess what?  There are hundreds of varieties; so I will just have to accept what I get  -  right?

The theme of "Work hard and play even harder" is something this family seems to have successfully harvested over the years.  Working is our inheritance.  After all, we are all the offspring of working class ancestors; however it is obvious that all of our grand kids have more stuff now than we ever had as kids.   

Brendan smiles after a hard workout on the tiller.

Now that Grandma & I are getting a little older, we tend to supervise more that we use to, but that is alright, 'cause we have never heard any of our offspring complain about doing a chore.  

Tammy administers soft-scrub to a table.
Okay, one last item!  This unusual tent caught our attention.  It went up quickly on the west parking lot of the South towne mall.  It houses as horse show called 'Cavalia.' 

The tent is huge, and since this pic was taken, many smaller tents have gone up around the perimeter.  Equestrians are plentiful around here, so I'm sure this show will be successful.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

White lies!

Another Easter come and gone, and I have turned 75 without incident.  Of course I tell the grandkids that I am 57, but they have long since caught on that their poor ol' grandpa tells white lies about such things.  Anyway in 50 years or so, they will be coming up with their own explanations about the aging process.  Good luck, kids.  

Jenna & Julie - cousins

The day before Easter Sunday, Julie and Grandma sat down and frosted some cookies.  We learned long ago that coloring eggs for teens was futile.  Yeh!  we spent a lot of time the night before hard boiling them, and coloring them up with interesting designs.  We even hid them in the back yard for the young collage adults who were so important in our lives.

Joe, Andy and Wyoming friends, and our kids with friends came for Easter Sunday.  After a nice Easter dinner, we sent them out into the back yard to hunt eggs, and guess what?  Yes, they ended up throwing them at each other, and we learned a lesson. 

This year we didn't even start with dinner until about 6 PM (We went to late afternoon church.)
Everyone brought something, and grandma had a turkey roasting all day long.  Katie brought resurrection (funeral) potatoes, a casserole commonly served in Utah by local churches for families of the deceased, following the internment of the deceased. 

We changed the name to Resurrection Potatoes, in honor of Easter, just because we thought it more appropriate.  Anyway, both turkey and potatoes were completely devoured, which delighted the cooks.   

Julie decorates cookies.

Jenna totally loves to work on people's hair, even at a soccer game.

Sherry and grandma.

Happy sisters and cousin Julie.

Sam, Grandma, Sherry and a distant cousin (I don't even know his name.  Haha)

Greg is the cool dude with his beard.  Just in case you are wondering, I approve of his appearance.  I checked it out closely and found that it was nicely timed, and his neck was cleanly shaven - trims it weekly he says .  Nothing looks as good as a man with a well maintained beard.  Remember that ladies! 

Katie & Greg

Speaking of a ladies man, this is he.  Matthew - tall, smart, athletic, well trimmed hair and cute dimples.  I have been told that the girls in his school class have tried to chase him, but he is to fast to be caught. 

Look for my next posting within the week.  Tammy & Brendan made a whirlwind trip to our house from Olympia.  We had a great time together!