Wednesday, January 10, 2018

You will be pleasantly surprised

This year Xmas eve fell on Sunday, so after a busy day of church service, Grandma and I were more that delighted to be invited to Dan's place for a glorious smoked ham and brisket dinner.  

After scrumptious meal, everyone gathered in the family room for some entertainment.  Anna, on the right looks somber but is excited to be leaving soon for Navy Basic Training.  

The singing is about ready to begin.

We all anxiously wait.

Precious time is never wasted when you have a tablet.

Only Jim knows that I have a camera pointed his way.

We put on our best smiles for this selfie.

Sidney as always is the center of attention.

Allie appears serene, and Jenna is so serious. 

Dan provides the music.  To hear it click on the link below.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Getting ready for Christmas

Grandma & I love having the grand-kids come to our home and help decorate the tree.  Without them we would perhaps have a much smaller tree with few decorations.  Erin was especially useful in helping me get the tree box down from the rafters in the garage.  Without her it would not have happened! 

Grandma, of course, is the ornament supervisor.  Without her the decorations would be totally skewampus.  I must give credit to the kids though, as they needed little instruction.  I guess they have been well trained. 

Instructions are given.




As you all know, the yearly order of getting ready for Christmas begins right after Thanksgiving with the decorations.  Then we always take in live performances.  This season we saw Kurt Bestor, One World Children's Choir, Gentri, Vocal Point, Utah Choral Arts Society, Clayton Productions at the Cottonwood Presbyterian Church, and the Mo Tab on Temple Square.

To top it all off, our local church choir, of which I am apart of, will sing at a special one hour worship service on Christmas Eve.  Isn't music great?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dayle arrives at the Salt Lake airport

About 9:15 AM we picked up Dayle Jr. at the Salt Lake airport.  He was tired but not enough to keep his smile hidden.  He said he slept the whole trip from Seattle, not waking until after the plane had landed.  

Since Sandy is on the way to Provo, we stopped to refresh ourselves.  Before leaving, I gave Dayle a Grandfather's blessing -  he was suffering from a head cold.  Grandma and I also had a chance to relate some of our personal "spiritual" experiences having to do with healing.

Once in Provo, we met with Jeff, Julie and Sherry at Los Hermanos restaurant.  As a promotion they provide new Elder's with a free lunch on Wednesdays.  It was my first time there, and it was really good.   

We were honored to have beautiful Julie with us.  She is a vibrant, talanted collage student majoring in Elementary Education - also a returned missionary. 

After lunch, it was time for a few more pictures.  Julie is always smiling, but I know that she is really happy to now have a bedroom of her own at home for the next two Christmases.  

It was hard not to squint, as the sun was really bright.  Downtown Provo really shines in the background.  Dayle will be seeing a lot of this city in the next two years.

And what a great place to serve!!  With Utah economy booming, and two of the
state's great universities almost next to each other drawing people from all over the world, Dayle will have his hands full of teaching opportunities.  

Well, maybe he will spend time in some the other towns also.  The Mission covers from Orem to Vernal, all the way down to Moab.  This mission will undoubtedly be both interesting and enlightening.  

As you probably know, the MTC has been majorly changed.  New class rooms have been added, Julie told me, plus an underground parking garage.  It is here that we dropped him off and said our final goodbyes.  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fall concert at Eastmont Middle School

Rachel plays well!

Rachel and Mike!

Rachel and Grandpa!

Rachel and "OOPS!"

Hey!  I don't know who these students are, but they were sure good!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Day in Springville

Thanksgiving Day in Springville!

Today's temperature tied an all-time high - 65 degrees.  I remember the other time, so many years ago.  It was so warm that I took my little family to the outdoor courts at Bellview and shot some hoops.  

Anyway, we entered the home and "sho nuff," Sherry was happily making final preparations. 

The table was set, and everything was ready to go.  Notice the wall displays on either side of the table.  Interesting photos of both sides of the family hang, almost as if they were enjoying the meal right along with us.

After a great meal, two turkeys and barque ribs plus everything else you would expect to eat on this important holiday, Grandma played Christmas music with the grand-kids.  They are going to be playing these songs on the church organ for December worship services.





To cap things off, on the way home, we were treated to a glorious sunset.

The day before, I took the following photo from my front porch in Sandy.  I used the 'fisheye' effect on my camera.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The real champions

The real champions.

The huddle.

The pass.

The tackle.  Oops, where is the ball?

The defence is ready.

MCKEA zeros in on the runner.
By the way Matt caught a pass for a touchdown conversion.

The game is over.  We won!

Picture time.

Players get ready for 'Coach talk.'

Everyone listens.

"Like life, football is about focusing on priorities, goals, and preparation." 

It's now time for team photos.

What a gal!

Awesome photo!  Matt's team went undefeated in 2017.  11 - 0!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Beetdiggers win

Beetdiggers beat Cottonwood for the right to play Park City for the championship!

Erin enjoys the early morning sun's warmth.

Rachel was cold but not her smile.

Some great footage was taken.  These guys are serious about it.

The coaches want their team to remain undefeated.

Matty is giving out some good advice.

Matt has a good stance.  Beetdiggers win this game convincingly.